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The Sunnynook J2 litter was born beginning at 10:30 PM on Thursday, June 2, 2022. Krokus von Kleinenkneten is the dam of the J2 litter and Aiko von Sundorph is the sire. 10 pups were born, 3 females and 7 males. All have gone to their homes.

The friends of the J2-puppies are leaving for home, after their last weekly visit. The following day, Jedi left for a 3-day drive to northern Ontario.

Before the J2 pups left, we tested them with the wing-on-a-stick. On seeing the wing, all of them immediately showed hunting instinct. All pointed more or less steadily. The owners were impressed, as were we. Breeding working dogs by pedigrees, that is, a pedigree with all ancestors fully qualified, really works.

Joli is confident in water at 12 weeks old, in keeping with Krokus’ and Aiko’s love of water and duck hunting skills.

The pups were weighed weekly before they left. We are using the 6 week weight as the last one on the graph below because we realized our bathroom scale is off (too high). We encourage owners to submit their pup's weight when it's taken in for vaccination (see below).

The J2 pups are now 7 months old and some of them have sent in their weights to show how much they've grown!

The puppies have enjoyed their "playpen" that we built in May. It gives them a chance to play in the grass and move with the shade of the trees. Hiding rubber toys in the "woods" at the back is great fun, but finding one is even better. When we're in sight, they'd prefer to come out to play with us though.

They ventured outside the kennel building on June 28, 2022 and soon go in and out when the mood strikes them. Here two are heading outside.

Eight (8M) has a number 8 on his right side, and he was the 8th puppy born! Here he's playing with the yellow fuzzy toy. His name will be Jiggs and he'll be moving to Lundbreck, AB and joining Sunnynook's Erro.

3spot (6M) playing with the cord ball. (11 July) His name is now Jay and he has gone to live in Val Marie, where Sunnynook's Xola lived before him.

They play hard but then have to collapse and nap. Here 3 spot (6M) is napping in the pose only puppies can really be take. (3 July)

Dot (10F) has a black dot on her right side. (July 10) She'll be called Joli and is staying here at Sunnynook.

Slivers (5M) is "killing" the soft yellow toy. The instinct to pick up something like this and shake it manifests early. They don't do this with the rubber toys or balls. (11 July) His name is Java "Otis". He's an only dog in Maple Creek.

Puzzle's (3M) markings reminded me of jigsaw puzzle. Here he's carrying the pink fuzzy toy. His name will be Jet and he'll be living in Regina, as an only dog.

It's pretty obvious how Diamond (2F) got her temporary name! She has so much black on her back but her undersides are white and she's plated, so they likely will stay quite white. She chewing on the blue toy here. (10 July)

Diamond's new name is Jinx. She's living in Saskatoon with Bear Hill's Bailee.

Star (9F) has a small white star on her forehead, but it's fading so she can be difficult to tell from some of her brothers. She's pouncing on the rubber dumbell toy here. (11 July)

Her new name is Jaeger. She went to live with Sunnynook's Dizzy here in Saskatoon.

White Collar (4M) has a white collar and a few black spots. He's playing with the aqua football toy. (11 July)

He's gone to live with another dog in Thunder Bay, Ontario. His name is Jango.

Following what Mom does has to be a good thing, right? Hourglass (7M) thinks so.

7M Hourglass, named for the hourglass Joe saw on his bum, is carrying the red Octopus toy. (10 July)

He is now named Jaxon and he's gone to live in British Columbia with a Dachshund, although a LM lived there before too.

Anvil (1M) has a white anvil shaped mark over his bum. He he's carrying the pink chew bone. (11 July)

He's gone to live in North Bay, Ontario with three other dogs and a Red-tailed hawk who he'll hunt with. His name is now Jedi.

Krokus von Kleinenkneten, dam of the Sunnynook J2 Litter

Krokus was born 21 February 2017 in Germany. She came to Sunnynook Kennel from a successful German breeder. Krokus was a perfect travel companion in the cabin of three different airplanes, on a 22-hr trip. Since then she has fit beautifully into our hunting and our home, alongside all of our other Sunnynook dogs.

Krokus was the dam of Sunnynook's H2 litter born in December 2019 and Sunnynook's I2 litter born in December 2020. She received a Progeny Performance Award for the I2 litter. Aiko sired the Prairie Fire's A litter, and it qualified for a Progeny Performance Award.

Krokus's scored 65 (Very Good) in Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (HAE) at 5.5 months and 132 (Good) in Advanced HAE at 18.5 months. Details are shown below. These tests are a breeder's tool for confirming the all-around versatile hunting qualities all LMs should have. See another webpage for more information about these tests.

Her hips were Good-Excellent and elbows are Normal. She was genotyped by HealthGene and carries neither brown nor Grey (Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia).

Krokus is described as “Ticked”, which means she has black patches – which all LMs have, roan patches of mixed black and white hair and small ticks of black in her white patches. Krokus occupies the mid-upper range of the international size standard: 60 cm at withers, and 62 lbs or 28.4 kg in lean-good body condition. In the LMAC conformation test she earned a Very Good rating in both body form and coat.

Krokus is a sweetheart in the house and travelling. She loves people. She ignores other dogs while hunting and accepts a submissive position in the hierarchy when her kennel mates try to act pushy. However, when it comes to her food, that’s where she draws the line.

Krokus has a balanced hunting instinct whereby her drive is always on, but she also stays in contact with us. She ranges further or closer depending on open prairie or woods. She’s a joy to watch in her search where she casts purposefully across the wind. When making scent, her body is stretched out as though pulled by an invisible thread. This caution also carries over to her cooperative pointing.

Krokus has an excellent nose. She has shown that, for example, by bringing birds from places where I did not think they had fallen. Krokus is comfortable in the water. This is shown by her Water score, where a score of 9 in the VHDF testing system shows that she had entered the water on her own to hunt as confidently as she would hunt on land. When it came to retrieving, Krokus showed some need for growth (see scores below).

Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (HAE) Scores

Name Search Pointing Tracking Water Nose Desire Cooperation Total
Krokus 8 10 9 9 10 9 10 65 Very Good
Aiko 8 10 3 10 8 9 10 56 *

*Aiko did not earn the required score of 5 or higher in tracking, but he has proven his tracking ability in the more difficult duck track on open water in his AHAE test.

Advanced Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (AHAE) Scores

Name Search Pointing Search Behind Duck Nose Desire Cooperation Steadiness Retrieve Shot Bird Marked Water Retrieve Blind Water Entry Game Drag Obedience Total
Krokus 10 10 7 10 8 5 5 4 5 6 7 5 132 Good
Aiko 8 10 5 9 9 8 8 7 3 5 7 6 134 Good

Performance Evaluation (PE) Scores

Name Water Search Search Behind Duck Field Search Pointing Backing Nose Desire Cooperation Blind Water Retrieve Steadiness Retrieve Shot Bird Drag Obedience Total
Aiko 7 11 10 9 1 10 9 6 10 4 4 8 5 157 Good

Aiko von Sundorph, proposed sire of the Sunnynook J2 Litter

Aiko von Sundorph, was whelped in February 2017 in Germany and lives in Saskatoon with Les & Patty Piecowye. He’s currently the only dog in the household and happily hunts for virtually the entire household of hunters. Aiko stands out for being quiet and a perfect companion in the house and vehicle. He does not bark.

Les joins his hunting friends who have English Pointers, Golden Retrievers and other breeds. Aiko hunts well with other dogs, male or female.

Aiko excels at handling birds well. In hunting, Aiko is allowed to choose his own hunting range. He applies his nose well and points birds cautiously and cooperatively.

Aiko has also been tested at all three VHDF levels. Aiko’s scores show variable performance, low one time and high another. It seems Aiko has little enthusiasm for training and testing situations, but takes his hunting very seriously. For example, as a young dog he watched other dogs track pheasants in testing and decided he would hunt out the pheasant with a high nose instead of using the track. Yet, in at least one memorable case, Aiko picked up the scent of a winged Hungarian partridge, tracked it for 300 m, and delivered it to Les. In Aiko's second VHDF Performance Evaluation, he tracked a winged duck 50 m across a milfoil choked pond and into dense cattails, where he captured the duck and delivered it to hand.

With the benefit of age-adjusted bird exposure for three levels of field testing and a few years of hunting, Aiko has become a special dog, one we are pleased to introduce into our Sunnynook line. Les describes Aiko as: "an exceptional bird finder holding birds well including on wide casts. He backs other dogs on point; retrieves reliably on land and from water – the bigger the goose the better. Aiko has not lost a bird during the last two seasons. Aiko respects another dog’s prior retrieve, is not aggressive to other dogs male or female, and insists on visiting with other dogs in the dog park. "

Like all Large Munsterlanders raised by breeder members of the Large Munsterlander Association of Canada, Aiko also conforms to the international standard. Aiko stands 67 cm at withers, 69 cm long and weighs 75 lbs.

Aiko was radiographed at 18 months and his hips were rated Good-Excellent, and elbows normal. Aiko also passed (6, Good) the 4 hour blood tracking test of VHDF-Canada in Fall 2021. His conformation evaluation results were Body: Very Good, Coat: Very Good. He has been DNA tested by HealthGene and does not carry brown coat color or Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia.

The Pair

The J2 litter is the first litter combining Krokus and Aiko. Krokus had 21 pups in 2 previous litters, of which 9 ran in puppy and hunting tests at a young age with a 77% passing rate. Aiko had 10 pups of which 8 ran 9 times in puppy and hunting tests for a passing rate of 78%.

Krokus had primarily dark puppies, with the two previous sires. Because Aiko is plated, approximately half of their pups should also be plated.

Both Aiko and Krokus were born in NW Germany but share no common ancestors on the pup's 3-generation pedigree, shown below. Therefore their inbreeding coefficient is 0.

Explanation of abbreviations in the pedigree above

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