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The Sunnynook J2 litter is expected in early March 2022. Sunnynook’s Bobwhite "Bobbi" will be the dam of the J2 litter, sired by Aiko von Sundorph.

"Bobbi" and Aiko had their first mating on Monday January 10.

"Bobbi" was the dam of the Sunnynook's G2 litter born in February 2018. She received a Progeny Performance Award for this litter. Aiko sired the Prairie Fire's A litter, and it qualified for a Progeny Performance Award.

There is a long waiting list for this litter. However, please complete the attached questionnaire, available as a downloadable pdf, if you are interested in a pup from this or a later litter. You can copy the questions into an email or print, hand write & scan it. (This pdf isn't the type you can write into online). Please email Joe If you prefer to receive this as a Word document by email, that you could write into on your computer and send back.

Sunnynook's Bobwhite "Bobbi", the proposed dam

"Bobbi" was born 30 October 2014. Bobbi has been our companion and she's made for memorable days hunting Sharp-tailed Grouse, Ruffed Grouse, Grey Partridge, Ring-necked Pheasant, Willow Ptarmigan, and several species of ducks.

Bobbi has had one litter thus far (G2). Periodically, we receive positive reports from 6 hunter-owners. Four of her offspring have passed hunting aptitude testing which eared her a Progeny Performance Award.

Bobbi is a handsome dog that looks like an LM should and is built for hunting-related function in field and water. This is confirmed by conformation judges who evaluated Bobbi against the original breed standard, scoring her "Very Good" in body form and also "Very Good" in coat. A misalignment in her teeth, and hair that is slightly short for the breed kept her from an excellent ranking. Bobbi has a light frame at 57 lbs, and is quick and energetic on her feet. Bobbi's hips were rated as Excellent and her elbows Normal.

Bobbi's early bird exposure was on homing pigeons. As soon as she graduated from wing-on-a-stick, she learned to find and point birds cooperatively and with intensity. In the field, she has naturally adopted a productive and energetic search close to a windshield-wiper pattern.

Bobbi has a strong desire to hunt and at the same time is eager to please and cooperative. She found a balance between those two motivations, by us simply knowing what stage of maturity she was in, and offering the appropriate exposure. Bobbi has never worn or been corrected by a e-collar. Similarly, her retrieving instinct has developed naturally. She can be prompted to sit and deliver to hand, without her ever having experienced an ear pinch or similar pressures.

Bobbi loves people but not other dogs. She will ignore dogs while hunting, but would prefer to be the only dog that gets attention. On the nights that she spends in the outdoor kennel, she is prone to answer coyote howls and for this she wears a no-bark collar.

Bobbi has been lucky among our 7 LMs to have been on out-of-province hunting and guiding trips. She has thus gained more hunting experience than most, especially for ptarmigan in British Columbia. Bobbi is a persistent and talented hunting dog that has impressed all of the bird-hunting clients she has worked for. She did this by strong hunting motivation but with cooperation; by her intelligence going out of her way to approach promising cover downwind; by switching from an energetic and wide ranging search into diligent tracking when the hunt demanded it. As part of the hunting team, it almost seems that she can read our mind and approaches her hunting accordingly.

Bobbi's scores in Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (HAE) at 13 months, Advanced HAE at 25 months, and Performance Evaluation at almost 3 yrs are shown below. These three tests are a breeder's tool for confirming the all-around versatile hunting qualities all LMs should have. See another webpage for more information about these tests.

Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (HAE) Scores

Name Search Pointing Tracking Water Nose Desire Cooperation Total
Bobwhite 7 10 9 9 10 9 10 64 Very Good
Aiko 8 10 3 10 8 9 10 56 *

*Aiko did not earn the required score of 5 or higher in tracking, but he has proven his tracking ability in the more difficult duck track on open water in his AHAE test.

Advanced Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (AHAE) Scores

Name Search Pointing Search Behind Duck Nose Desire Cooperation Steadiness Retrieve Shot Bird Marked Water Retrieve Blind Water Entry Game Drag Obedience Total
Bobwhite 10 10 8 8 9 8 10 7 10 8 6 7 154 Very Good
Aiko 8 10 5 9 9 8 8 7 3 5 7 6 134 Good

Performance Evaluation (PE) Scores

Name Water Search Search Behind Duck Field Search Pointing Backing Nose Desire Cooperation Blind Water Retrieve Steadiness Retrieve Shot Bird Drag Obedience Total
Bobwhite 7 10 10 10 9 10 8 9 7 9 7 8 8 185 Very Good
Aiko 7 11 10 9 1 10 9 6 10 4 4 8 5 157 Good

Aiko von Sundorph, proposed sire of the Sunnynook J2 Litter

Aiko von Sundorph, was whelped in February 2017 in Germany and lives in Saskatoon with Les & Patty Piecowye. He’s currently the only dog in the household and happily hunts for virtually the entire household of hunters. Aiko stands out for being quiet and a perfect companion in the house and vehicle. He does not bark.

Les joins his hunting friends who have English Pointers, Golden Retrievers and other breeds. Aiko hunts well with other dogs, male or female.

Aiko excels at handling birds well. In hunting, Aiko is allowed to choose his own hunting range. He applies his nose well and points birds cautiously and cooperatively.

Like "Bobbi", Aiko has also been tested at all three VHDF levels. Aiko’s scores show variable performance, low one time and high another. It seems Aiko has little enthusiasm for training and testing situations, but takes his hunting very seriously. For example, as a young dog he watched other dogs track pheasants in testing and decided he would hunt out the pheasant with a high nose instead of using the track. Yet, in at least one memorable case, Aiko picked up the scent of a winged Hungarian partridge, tracked it for 300 m, and delivered it to Les. In Aiko's second VHDF Performance Evaluation, he tracked a winged duck 50 m across a milfoil choked pond and into dense cattails, where he captured the duck and delivered it to hand.

With the benefit of age-adjusted bird exposure for three levels of field testing and a few years of hunting, Aiko has become a special dog, one we are pleased to introduce into our Sunnynook line. Les describes Aiko as: "an exceptional bird finder holding birds well including on wide casts. He backs other dogs on point; retrieves reliably on land and from water – the bigger the goose the better. Aiko has not lost a bird during the last two seasons. Aiko respects another dog’s prior retrieve, is not aggressive to other dogs male or female, and insists on visiting with other dogs in the dog park. "

Like "Bobbi" and all Large Munsterlanders raised by breeder members of the Large Munsterlander Association of Canada, Aiko also conforms to the international standard. Aiko stands 67 cm at withers, 69 cm long and weighs 75 lbs.

Aiko was radiographed at 18 months and his hips were rated Good-Excellent, and elbows normal. Aiko also passed (6, Good) the 4 hour blood tracking test of VHDF-Canada in Fall 2021. His conformation evaluation results were Body: Very Good, Coat: Very Good. He has been DNA tested by HealthGene and does not carry brown coat color or Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia.

The Pair

Both Aiko and Bobbi are a joy to take into the field. Both are top-notch hunting dogs for upland birds and waterfowl, before and after the shot. We expect that this high level ability will also show itself in their puppies, because virtually all the ancestors on their pedigrees have proven this high level of performance on either of two continents.

Aiko and Bobbi complement each other whereby Aiko’s confident yet friendly nature toward other dogs might soften Bobbi’s tendency to wanting to be the boss. In all other aspects of hunting ability and conformation Aiko and Bobbi promise to solidify these excellent traits that we are pleased to consider the norm in LMs bred according to both the international and Large Munsterlander Association of Canada breed standard.

Bobbi and Aiko share one grandfather among their 14 ancestors on their pedigrees, leading to an inbreeding coefficient of 6.3%.

The pedigree of the expected J2 Litter is shown below.

Explanation of abbreviations in the pedigree above

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