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The Sunnynook G2 litter was born on February 9, 2018.,There are 3 females and 5 males. The parents are Sunnynook's Bobwhite "Bobbi" and Sunnynook's Cue "Q". This is the first litter for both "Bobbi" and "Q".

For the first week, the pups just sleep and eat and GROW! (see the weight graph below, that will be updated weekly). "Bobbi" is a good Mom and has rarely left her pups for long. She goes out briefly to do her business and take a "snow bath" and then returns to them. She's not letting any of the other dogs near her pups yet, although Grandma Ulna is especially interested in going in to see them - if only she could.

Their eyes began opening on Tuesday, Feb 20 and all were open by Thursday. A few little barks are now heard occasionally, but the main agenda still consists of nursing and sleeping.

The little pink pads are evident on some of them, indicating those pups will be plated (with fewer ticks and minimal roan). The ticks start to appear first on the belly, but some ticked pups already have some on their legs too.

On Sunday March 4, the puppy visitors were the Hayes-Schryer family members, who own Cue, the sire.

The pups are now starting to be very active and so photos of more than just sleeping are possible - when I can catch them still long enough! The nicknames are temporary, based on their markings.

"Whitedot" (3F) is pawing at "Whitey" (7F) with "W" (4M) in the middle and Origami (5M) below.

The weight chart still shows all 8 pups but some started to leave on Friday so there will be fewer and fewer included.

The pups are now starting to be very active and so photos of more than just sleeping are possible - when I can catch them still long enough! The nicknames are temporary, based on their markings.

We got a big dump of snow on Friday, March 23 and so after some plowing and shoveling on the weekend, there were some rather big piles of snow in the vicinity of the kennel building. Soem of the pups thought a little "King of the Snow Mountain was in order"!

Other pups thought the small shed where the table saw is currently located was a great place to explore and play! Here the three male pups (left to right): Origami, Sidespots, Saddle.

The Males

"Saddle" is carrying the white fluffy toy. His name is now Gizmo and he'll be moving to Ontario.

"Origami" (5M) is carrying the black fluffy toy. His new name is Gauge and he's going north - to Yukon in the Winter and northern BC in the summer.

"Sidespots" is holding the purple octopus toy, which he just killed by shaking it to death! Gustav will be moving to Idaho.

"W" is considering carrying the dead duck up the step, but multitasking is still a bit tricky. His name is now Gunsmoke, and he's going to BC to live.

"Bullseye" has just dropped the white toy to give me "the look". His new name is Grit. He'll be moving to Carmen, MB.

The Females

"Whitedot" (3F) is giving Joe a High Five!. Greta will be living in Saskatoon.

"Blackline" (3F) is carrying the yellow fluffy toy. Gypsy will be moving to Moose Jaw.

Whitey moves very quickly, so it was hard to capture a photo of her that instant a blur! Her name is now Gannet, and she will be staying at Sunnynook.

Sunnynook's Bobwhite "Bobbi", the proposed dam

"Bobbi" was born 30 October 2014. Bobbi has been our companion and she's made for memorable days hunting Sharp-tailed Grouse, Ruffed Grouse, Grey Partridge, Ring-necked Pheasant and several species of ducks.

The photo above shows "Bobbi" with sharp-tailed grouse

As the pedigree below shows, Bobbi and her ancestors have satisfied our own expectations and more. The dogs have received an independent evaluation from trained judges who are hunters examining traits that matter to hunters in Germany or North America. Bobbi's ancestors trace back to our first pair of LMs imported from Germany in the 1970s, from the Siegerland and Chamavia kennels. Bobbi's anticipated mate "Q" traces back to our imports in the 1980s, building on successes in the Ciperro and Anzenthal kennels.

Bobbi is a handsome dog that looks like an LM should and is built for hunting-related function in field and water. This is confirmed by conformation judges who evaluated Bobbi against the original breed standard, scoring her "Very Good" in body form and also "Very Good" in coat. A misalignment in her teeth, and hair that is slightly short for the breed kept her from an excellent ranking. Bobbi has a light frame at 57 lbs, and is quick and energetic on her feet.

Bobbi's early bird exposure was on homing pigeons. As soon as she graduated from wing-on-a-stick, she learned to find and point birds cooperatively and with intensity. In the field, she has naturally adopted a productive and energetic search close to a windshield-wiper pattern.

Bobbi has a strong desire to hunt but at the same time is eager to please and cooperative. She found a balance between those two motivations, by us simply knowing what stage of maturity she was in, and offering the appropriate exposure. Bobbi has never worn or been corrected by a training collar. Similarly, her retrieving instinct has developed naturally. She can be encouraged to deliver to hand without her ever having experienced an ear pinch or similar pressures.

Despite Bobbi's great promise at an early age, we also recognize room for growth. This we trust will come with maturity, experience and our well-timed encouragements. For example, Bobbi is intelligent and very excitable by nature. While she has done credible work in the varied phases of tracking, we think it is her excitability that keeps her from doing even better in the pheasant track, search behind the duck and game drag (see scores below). We've dubbed Bobbi "alligator mouth" for crunching and breaking a bird's ribs on a retrieve; a trait that we also attribute to her excitability.

Bobbi loves people but not other dogs. She will ignore dogs while hunting, but would prefer to be the only dog that gets attention. On the nights that she spends in the outdoor kennel, she is prone to answer coyote howls and for this she wears a no-bark collar.

Bobbi's scores in Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (HAE) at 13 months, Advanced HAE at 25 months, and Performance Evaluation at almost 3 yrs are shown below. These three tests are a breeder's tool for confirming the all-around versatile hunting qualities all LMs should have. See another webpage for more information about these tests.

Bobbi's hips were rated as Excellent and her elbows Normal.

Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (HAE) Scores

Name Search Pointing Tracking Water Nose Desire Cooperation Total
Bobwhite 7 10 9 9 10 9 10 64
Cue 7 5 9 10 10 7 8 56

Advanced Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (AHAE) Scores

Name Search Pointing Search Behind Duck Nose Desire Cooperation Steadiness Retrieve Shot Bird Marked Water Retrieve Blind Water Entry Game Drag Obedience Total
Bobwhite 10 10 8 8 9 8 10 7 10 8 6 7 154
Cue 10 10 10 10 9 10 9 10 9 10 10 10 176

Performance Evaluation (PE) Scores

Name Water Search Search Behind Duck Field Search Pointing Backing Nose Desire Cooperation Blind Water Retrieve Steadiness Retrieve Shot Bird Drag Obedience Total
Bobwhite 7 10 10 10 9 10 8 9 7 9 7 8 8 185
Cue 10 9 9 10 10 10 9 10 8 8 9 10 10 199

Sunnynook's Cue "Q", sire of the expected Sunnynook G2 Litter

Sunnynook's Cue "Q" was born on March 2, 2015. He went to live with the Schryer family in Saskatoon.

Q was radiographed at 18 months and his hips were rated excellent and his elbows normal. He obtained a score of Good in HAE (56), Very Good in AHAE (176), and Very Good in PE (199) in the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation testing system, detailed scores above. Neither he nor Bobbi carries brown coat color or Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia based on DNA testing of their parents.

Q lives in the Schryer home with three other LMs and likely has seen as much waterfowl hunting already as many LMs see in a lifetime. Q has developed a knack for spotting waterfowl that have been hit and will follow their flight often for several hundred yards to make a retrieve from land or water. Besides ducks and geese, Q has hunted pheasant, Gray Partridge, and Ruffed and Sharp-tailed grouse.

Just as Bobbi considers Q perfectly handsome and suitable, so have the LMAC conformation judges. At just over 1.5 years, Q's medium frame weighed 61 lbs, and tended to be somewhat longer than tall. Where Bobbi's bite is too tight, Q's has a small gap and we are hoping for the perfect balance in the pups. Q was awarded the "Good" category for body form and "Very Good" for coat.

Q learned to hunt primarily on wild birds, tagging along with LMs Bones, "Scotty" and Picard as a pup. He learned to love water and ducks on many long walks in the country. His steadiness training was on pigeons. Like Bobbi he is a capable and biddable hunter having accepted training without the need of an E-collar or ear pinch. An e-collar was needed to curb his passion for chasing coyotes.

Q performed very well in all 3 levels of ability testing at 6 months, 18 months, and 2.5 years, respectively. Cue performed particularly well in the Advanced Hunting Ability and Performance Evaluation, as shown above.

Bobbi and Q as a Pair

While Bobbi traces back to our 1970s German imports to Sunnynook Kennel, Q goes back to the 1980s line. The inbreeding coefficient for their pups is low, at F=1.0.

We feel confident about Bobbi and Q's puppies becoming capable hunters and intelligent companions. Twenty-nine of their 30 ancestors have been tested at full hunting (HZP, AHAE and UT), and many at performance levels (VGP, PE) in Europe and North America. (see explanation of abbreviations) We have personally hunted with and enjoyed a life-long companionship with five of these ancestors. We have hunted with or observed an additional six ancestors in the field.

Bobbi and Q also complement each other in the LM traits we try to maintain. Bobbi's excitability could be held in check more. This excitability makes her intelligent and thrilling to watch, but also predisposes her to 'overshooting' when easy-does-it caution is needed. Both Bobbi and Q have shown their fine balance and capability in one of the most complete versatile tests North America has to offer, VHDF's Performance Evaluation (PE). This test is built on the German JGHV testing system under which so many versatile breeds were created over 100 years ago. For example, the three levels of VHDF testing give priority in judging to hunting ability which is heritable, over task-based obedience which is trained. VHDF has adopted the field and water components of JGHV testing largely unchanged. Yet VHDF has replaced elements of forest work (e.g. driving of game) with components that are valued more in North American hunting. This includes a 1 hr field search in a brace, and backing and honouring a brace mate's point and retrieve.

This planned Sunnynook-G2 litter provides another desirable feature for us. It allows us to carry Fauna's valuable German ancestry forward in our kennel. Fauna has all the traits we value, capability in field and water, smarts and beauty. Q is the first of her small number of puppies to be chosen by us for breeding and carrying these traits forward.

We are looking for serious hunters to expose, train and hunt dogs from this litter, and to subject them to the same evaluation we have used. This would help us maintain and carry forward a Sunnynook tradition that we've started 40 years ago following the example of German hunter/breeders tracing back to the dawn of the LM in 1919.

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