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The F2 pups turned 16 weeks on Saturday, October 28. On Sunday, there was an opportunity for 4 of the pups to have a bit of a reunion, and boy did they have fun! Here 3 of them (Fergus, Fynnigan, Fraulein "Gaia"), are anxiously awaiting the release of a second homing pigeon while Flicker is off still chasing the first.

Photos by Glenna McKay

Fergus is pointing a pigeon, in a release trap in the cover, with Derek on the leash.

We typically weigh the pups once a week during "puppy visitation time" on Sunday afternoons. The weights help us monitor that the pups are all doing well and that the dam has enough milk for them. In this large litter, this is especially important. It's quite possible that I got a couple pups mixed up in some of the weighings. At six weeks the pups are eating raw ground chicken and Large Breed Puppy kibble (Orijen), with frozen smelt at some meals too.

A few of the pups that live close enough have come by for some training on pigeons, so we've extended the weight graph, showing their weights. And Flinte-Mauser who lives too far away to visit, had his weights taken at home and sent in.

Circles are females and squares males.

The Sunnynook F2 litter was born on July 8, 2017. There were 6 females and 6 males. The parents are Sunnynook's Zenaida "Zeni" and Otus vom Ahler Esch, a German import to Sunnynook Kennel.

This was Zeni's third litter (see also Sunnynook's D2 and E2), although her first litter with Otus. Otus sired the D litter at Muddy Waters Kennel in Oregon, also a very large litter.

Note most of the photos with toys below were taken on Aug 14 or 15. As specific pups are chosen, their names will be indicated.

Male Pups at Play

Male 11, named Fergus, is proudly retrieving a pigeon feather. (photo by Eric Coia) He now lives in Viscount, SK in great duck habitat.

Male 1 is pointing "wing-on-a-stick". He was 6 weeks at the time. He is now named Flint and will be hunting in Wisconsin, joining Sunnynook's Emerald.

Male 7 is a ticked male whose name is now Fynnigan. He has gone to live with a family in Saskatoon.

Male 2 is playing with the orange rubber ball - trying to bat it around. His name is Fjord and he's now living in Kimberly, BC.

Male 3, now Flinte-Mauser, flew home to Quebec inside the cabin, in style. He was not phased by it and slept peacefully.

Male 12 is playing with the red bumper. He was vying with Male 1 for the "heavyweight" category! His name is Fritz and he's now living in North Vancouver.

Female Pups at Play

Female 6 is pointing wing-on-a-stick on August 21. Although she even has a paw up, this doesn't always happen in pointing. She is now named Fyfer is living in Crow's Nest Pass, Alberta.

Female 10, now named Frankie, is playing with the intertwined ball. Just before she was attaching a small branch. Frankie will be going to live in Edmonton.

Female 4 is chewing on a striped rubber ball. Although Joe had nicknamed her "Spitfire", she is now called Finley and will be moving to Lloyminster, Alberta.

Female 9 fell asleep with the brown fuzzy toy. It's hard work carousing with so many siblings! Her name is now Fräulein and she has moved to Grand Prairie, Alberta.

Female 5, now named Flicker, is retrieving a pink furry "seal". She is one of the five very black pups, and as such her markings would be called "mantle". Flicker will be staying at Sunnynook.

Sunnynook's Zenaida "Zeni", the Dam

The photo above shows Zeni with a pheasant: pointed, tracked, and retrieved in November 2014

Zeni was born on February 8, 2013 at Sunnynook. She is the daughter of Sunnynook's Veery and SaskElkana's Bones.

Zeni's xrays were rated Excellent and elbows Normal. She obtained a score of Very Good in HAE (68) and Very Good in AHAE (159) a 186 (Very Good) in PE in the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation testing system. Detailed scores below. Zeni's conformation was rated Excellent in body and Very Good in coat. Zeni has an extra upper premolar 1. Neither of Zeni's parents were carriers of brown coat color or Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia, so she can't be either.

Dryas from Zeni's D litter passed her HAE test at 6 months of age. Another D pup and some of her E pups will be running in September 2016.

Zeni did well in all categories of the HAE test. At this early age what the judges see is raw natural ability. One can't speak of training at this age, that is the beauty of this test if run early, as it should be. Zeni was at the edge of exuberance, shifting from keen hunting to staunch pointing in the nick of time. On the pheasant track, careful and calm handling at the start got her to focus on the sparse foot-scent left by a released pheasant. She worked every turn of scent. Some 100 m down the trail, when the pheasant saw the dog approach down the track, the pheasant was able to lift off and fly out of sight, perfect!

Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (HAE) Scores

Name Search Pointing Tracking Water Nose Desire Cooperation Total
Zenaida 9 9 10 10 10 10 10 68
Otus 10 9 10 10 10 9 9 67

Advanced Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (AHAE) Scores

Name Search Pointing Duck Search Nose Desire Cooperation Steadiness Retrieve Shot Bird Marked Water Retrieve Blind Water Entry Game Drag Obedience Total
Zenaida 9 9 10 10 10 7 7 9 9 9 9 6 159
Otus 9 8 8 9 7 10 8 10 7 7 10 8 150

PE Scores

Name Water Search Search Behind Duck Field Search Pointing Backing Nose Desire Cooperation Blind Water Retrieve Steadiness Retrieve Shot Bird Drag Obedience Total
Zenaida 8 9 10 10 9 10 8 9 3 10 8 10 9 186

Otus vom Ahler Esch, proposed sire of the Sunnynook F2 Litter

Otus vom Ahler Esch was born in Germany on May 14, 2008. He then came to live at Sunnynook, at about 12 weeks of age.

Otus was radiographed at 18 months and his hips were rated Good, and elbows normal. He obtained a score of Very Good in HAE (67) and Good in AHAE (150) in the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation testing system, detailed scores above. Otus also passed the 4 hour blood tracking test of VHDF-Canada in Fall 2016. His conformation evaluation results were Body: Good, Coat: Very Good. He has been DNA tested by HealthGene and does not carry brown coat color or Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia.

Zeni and Otus as a Pair

Our multipronged approach to pairing includes complementarity. We choose mates so that minor weaknesses in one dog are balanced by its mate where possible. Zeni and Otus complement each other in several ways. While Zeni can be high strung and cautious at first with people and other dogs, Otus is easy going and just wants to hunt. Otus will run to a downed bird quickly but take his time on the return, taking time to enjoy his prize. Zeni's retrieve has been described by judges as the "scoop and loop" variety, grabbing the bird and returning almost as fast as she went out.

Zeni and Otus also complement each other in size. At 61 cm high, Otus is built to carry a Canada Goose while Zeni is 62 cm and with a narrower frame, built for speed and endurance.

This is a copy of the pedigree of the Sunnynook F2 pups. It shows the names, hunt test credentials and free of hip dysplasia certification for 4 generations. There is additional information such as coat color genotype (by DNA) and conformation scores for some of the dogs.

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